A new artist jumps into our world and our MarketPlace

Published on 2023-03-28 12:50

The Planet Hoppers!

In addition to our monthly Asset Packs, we have been working together with a series of artists to bring you as many assets to our BattleMap Editor as possible. Today, we are happy to announce the latest addition to our list of partners and the first of many Asset Packs they are going to bring to our BattleMap Editor: The Planet Hoppers!

The duo of Tony and Alex have been working together for quite a while now and may be familiar to some as the artist of the DIREQUEST comics and the beautiful work of Map Cartographer. The Planet Hopper sees their talents combine into a wide array of tabletop assets, tokens and map elements that they are now also sharing with the DGNFOG community.


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In addition to the free Hopper Starter Bundle, they already brought a full dozen sci-fi and cyberpunk-themed asset packs to the Marketplace. Fans of a far-away galaxy a long time ago can look forward to an entire pack of assets full of icy-cold props that are fit for any battle. Be they on Hoth, amongst the stars, or on a space station with a strange alien hiding among the crew. 

Check out the full list of Asset Packs The Planet Hoppers have dropped into our Marketplace right now and show us your creations with the over 1,500 new assets, tokens, and tiles! Find out more about Tony and Alex' work over on their Patreon or have a look at Alex' work on Mad Cartographer.

Happy Mapmaking!


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