DungeonFog Support

Reset Tool

Although we do our best to prevent errors from occurring while using the Battlemap Editor you may still encounter bugs due to corruption in the local browser cache.  The fastest way to fix these issues is to use our Reset Tool (https://dungeonfog.com/reset).  Once the tool is open, you can select which set of data you want to clear out depending on the issue you are having.


Reset Options

  • Image Cache - Clear the image cache if you are having issues with assets failing to load and/or display properly.
  • Local Settings - Reset all local application settings to their defaults. This includes selected asset, tool settings, and export page options.
  • Map Data - Local copies of maps, unsaved map data, and undo stack information.


Manual Cache Clearing

You may wish to clear your entire browser cache manually.  For your convenience we have provided links for Chrome and Firefox.