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Beginner's Guide

Let's get right into it!

Looking for a quick and fun first starter-tutorial? Watch Till teaching the DeadAussieGamer learning to walk in DungeonFog:

Platform Overview

After you have created your account and logged in, you are forwarded to your dashboard. Here you create new maps, organize your maps or browse maps other users have shared.

Header Navigation

Dashboard - Your landing area and overview of your latest map creates, new shared maps and news.

My Maps - List view of all maps and folders created by you.

My Campaigns - Overview of all campaigns created for the DGNFOG virtual tabletop component.

Public Maps - Library of all maps shared by the community.

Notifications (Bell Icon) - Notifications about map likes & clones from your public maps.

Your Profile (Profile Icon) - Manage your account settings, achievements and subscription.

Main Area

Recent maps - The latest maps you have created.

New map - Create a new map. This will open the preset-window where you can create a new map from scratch, or use an existing map template.

Manage Templates - Here you can manage the template maps you have created.

Deleted Elements - In DUNGEONFOG a map is only deleted forever after you have confirmed its deletion in your deleted elements.

New shared elements - List of all maps and map-folders that have recently been created by the community.

Updates - List of recent updates in DUNGEONFOG.

Discord Widget - Join our discord community and chat with like-minded map creators and the developers of DUNGEONFOG.

Editor UI Overview

Here you will find a basic overview over all tools:

If you want to get detailed information about each section please follow the links below:

Main Menu

Editor Mode.  Your main editor to draw maps

Asset Manager.  Upload your own assets, organize all assets in personal collections and adjust settings for each prop in your collection. — View video tutorial

GM-Notes.  Create GM-Notes based on the maps you have created. — Read more

Image Export.  Export maps as JPG, PNG or PDF. — Read more

Campaign Manager (GM & Player Viewer).  Manage Campaigns, add player tokens and run games on the DUNGEONFOG Fog-of-War viewers for local games or external players (no account required). — Read more

Right-sided top menu

Report Map

Save (CTRL+S)

Undo (CTRL+Z)



⚠️ Don't forget to save map! - Always wait until you see the message "Map was saved successfully" before you close your browser. Saving a map for the first time will also trigger the auto-save routines, so you can refresh your browser without losing your progress. If you want to roll back to a previous save-state use the Map History in your My Maps  section of the dashboard.



Selection Tool

Keyboard: 1 / ESC

Room Tool

Keyboard: 2

Paint Room Tool

Keyboard: 3

Prop Tool

Keyboard: 4

Token Tool

Keyboard: 5

Door & Window Tool

Keyboard: 6

Brush Tool

Keyboard: 7

Shape Tool

Keyboard: 8

Path Tool

Keyboard: 9

Text Tool

Keyboard: 0

Resize Map

Keyboard: None

Utility Tools


Based on selection: Keyboard shortcuts


Based on selection: Adjust dynamic lighting

Levels & Layers

Sort layers and manage map levels

GM-Notes GM-Notes

Based on selection: Add short descriptions

Last Reviewed - BME v5.11.5