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Selection Tool Overview

With the selection tool, you can select props, objects, and rooms that have already been placed down and change their existing properties and settings.

Simply select an existing prop, object, or room and change it using options similar to the ones used when creating the prop, object, or room originally.

  • Floor - Able to select what overall background texture shows on the map
  • Show Stage - Toggle whether a different texture or default (dirt) texture is used.
  • Show Grid - Shows or hides the grid.
  • Style - Change patterning of grid. Able to change color, and opacity.
  • Size - This changes the overall size of each grid square. Change with caution. Default 70.
  • Distance Metric - This measures how much each grid square represents. Can change it to match with real world or game distance measurements.
  • Real-world Units - Ties into Distance Metric, can change each square to mean an exact, real world measurement.