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Test Tool

With the text tool you can now add text to your map how you see fit.  Since text acts like a prop, you have all the same options available as well as the features unique to text itself.

  • Color - This is where you select the color of the text to be displayed
  • Alignment - Alignment is used for multi-line text blocks to get the look you want from your text.
  • Font Family - We have a variety of fonts available to choose from.
  • Font Variant - Fonts that have variants such as Bold and Italic can selected here.
  • Font Size - Select the font size you want your text to be on the map.
  • Text Box - What you type here is displayed on the map.
  • Rotation - You can rotate text, just like props.
  • Bordered - On/Off option for borders.
  • Border Color - If you choose to have a border, you can select the color here.
  • Thickness - Customize how thick or thin the border is for your text.

Font, size, and color options are now also available for Room Labels and Token Names.

With the new text tool, may things are possible: