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Token Tool

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Tokens are mainly used for the DungeonFog's viewer version to help you represent monsters, NPCs or players.

To place a token, adjust its settings and while having the token tool active click on the stage to place it.

  • Size - Changes the dimensions of the tool. Number put in is how many sides each token will have.
  • Border - Tokens have a border on them of a texture of your selection.
  • Background - Some images do not fill the entirety of the token, and this selected texture will go behind them and inside the border.
  • Image - There are 200+ default tokens for use of the Fantasy genre, and you are able to upload your own using the Asset Manager.
  • You are able to change its appearance similar to a prop.
    • Mirroring across Horizontal Axis
    • Mirroring across Vertical Axis
    • Allow token to show above walls and not be restricted to rooms
    • Toggle whether it casts a shadow
    • Concealed: Toggle whether this token is visible in Dungeon Fog's Viewer system.
  • Sight (enable to see more options) - Toggle whether this token has line of sight in Dungeon Fog's Viewer system.
  • Snap to grid - Toggle whether this token will snap to grid on moving the token (Hold SHIFT while dragging the token to circumvent this setting)
  • Color settings - Able to change the Token's image color, color saturation, and color light level.