Create your own templates!

If you would like to create maps based on a preset template, we have now released our new feature: Custom Templates!

With our new template system you can now define your maps as templates and create new maps directly with the presets from your template in place, instead of browsing your old maps for clonable material or creating every map from scratch.

Please make sure that you clear your cache and refresh the browser!

Here's how to do it:

Let’s say you want to create several random encounter maps for an overland encounter and you would like to vary the appeal of your maps with just a few clicks.

1 - Add to Templates

Create an overland map and define it as a template, by clicking on “Add To Templates” in the map’s context menu.

2 - Create a new map and select your template

Create an overland map and define it as a template, by clicking on “Add To Templates” in the map’s context menu.

Then use this template to create different variations of the same map with just a few adjustments per map.

Name your map and open the editor - Tadaa!

Based on the template you have chosen, a new map gets created - comparable to the clone mechanic - that is now ready to be adjusted. 
Once saved, this map is now treated as a completely new map, while your template is ready to give life to the next map you want to base it upon.

3 - Manage your templates

You can start organizing your templates in your own hierarchical structure to quickly access templates as you look for them.

Under “Manage Templates” you can change the categories, remove templates and keep your template system organized.

Expect more soon!

Together with How to be a Great GM we are currently working on a template set that comes directly from the hands of the GreatGM himself that will be available in your template selection as well! Once we have finished our base set we will then add new templates on a regular basis - so stay tuned!

Let us know what templates would be most helpful to you:
Join us in our DGNFOG discord and add your template requests to our wishlist!

Do you want to provide public template maps too?
The public template database will be a curated selection of useful templates that help map creators to begin with.
Contact us at with the subject “Public Templates” and provide us some map samples! We will then review your submission and unlock the option to add templates to our public template database. Keep in mind, that we need at least 6 templates before we consider unlocking your access as public template author.