New Release: GreatGM Templates!

Together with How to be a Great GM we are have started a template set collection that comes directly from the hands of the GreatGM himself and is now available in your template selection! 

The first set brings a set of city buildings, a small town and some wilderness maps, so you can quickly create maps based on those new templates!

Expect more soon!

We will add new templates on a regular basis - so stay tuned!

Let us know what templates would be most helpful to you:
Join us in our DGNFOG discord and add your template requests to our wishlist!

Do you want to provide public template maps too?
The public template database will be a curated selection of useful templates that help map creators to begin with.
Contact us at with the subject “Public Templates” and provide us some map samples! We will then review your submission and unlock the option to add templates to our public template database. Keep in mind, that we need at least 6 templates before we consider unlocking your access as public template author.