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The new Cryptocurrency for TTRPGs

This was an April fools Joke and we got many of you with this!


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Making The TTRPG World Work Better For All

We are introducing DungeonCoin as a brand new blockchain platform for TTRPG players, mapmakers, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change.



Fair system


Rising from the Shadows

For centuries our work as Game Masters has been purely altruistic and all the hours that we have put into creating worlds and drawing maps have been treated as an undervalued form of weird hobby. With DungeonCoin’s decentralised* finance (DeFi) system we as game masters will rise from the shadows and we will teach the financial world to fear our combined strength**.

*All transactions are monitored and validated by DungeonFog on our servers.
**Yes Dad you can finally be proud of me.



We have created unique cryptographic mining* rules that validate transactions during your map creation process. The more complex maps you create, the more DungeonCoins get generated in your wallet.


*Mining is a distributed consensus system that is used to confirm pending transactions by including them in the blockchain.





We have tokenized all DungeonFog Assets so you can now become an official owner*.

Earn DungeonCoins by leasing your NFT assets to other map makers and spark a thriving exchange market of demand and supply!

Choose between auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings when trading assets in our Crypto Marketplace. Our dynamic stock-manager will help you to monitor the market and sell, trade or rent assets at the best market price.

*Assets that have a new NFT owner will appear watermarked for all other users and you can unlock them for a low fee to the owner and a not so low fee to DungeonFog.



See how many DungeonCoins you have earned through map-mining, NTF leasing and market trading in our intuitive DungeonCoin wallet.

As a user, you can get started with DungeonCoin without understanding the technical details. We provide you with a secure* cloud based wallet solution automatically connected to your account.

*The wallet is fully secured by really good code, an intern has written. No one has access to it, but you and DungeonFog. The wallet, not the code.



DungeonCoin is built by a decentralised community of dungeon masters, mapmakers, and nerds united in a common purpose: To create a technology platform that will ignite the positive change the TTRPG world needs. We believe the future should not be defined by the past; that more is possible - and, through technology and community, can be made possible for all. We should measure the worth of our work as game masters not by the joy it brings to our players, but by its results on the market.









Todays statistics



Proof of Mapmaking


DungeonCoin uses a consensus protocol called Proof-of-Mapmaking (PoMking). This allows the nodes of the DungeonCoin network to agree on the state of all information recorded on the DungeonCoin blockchain and prevents certain kinds of economic attacks.

This mechanism that allows the decentralised* DungeonCoin network to come to consensus, or agree on protocols like account balances and the order of transactions. This prevents users from "double spending" their coins and ensures that the DungeonCoin chain is tremendously difficult to attack, manipulate or understand.


Mining DungeonCoin

Proof-of-Mapmaking is the underlying algorithm that sets the difficulty and rules for the maps miners create. Mining itself happens by making maps in the Battlemap Editor. The difficulty is defined by the usage of certain assets, tools and aesthetic procedures. Lesser used tools and assets generate the most coins until the usage averages. Assets can be also owned in form of non-fungible tokens which don't count to the mining algorithm but bring other benefits.


* All transactions are monitored and validated by DungeonFog on our servers.


NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique assets. They let us tokenize things like props, textures, and even maps. They can only have one official owner at a time and they're secured by the DungeonCoin blockchain – no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.



Not owned assets appear locked in the Battlemap Editor. Not owned NFTs can be leased by all users for an owner-definable fee or bought through the Crypto Marketplace. This encourages collaborative mapmaking and strengthens the community and the value of DungeonCoin.


Dark Fir Tree

Most used tree of all over all public maps.

♢ 1 DGNCoin


Necessary for every mages tower

♢ 0.6 DGNCoin

Short grass with sm...

The default texture - in every map!

3.1415 DGNCoin


DungeonCoin is a highly desired evolution in the TTRPG space. We have worked intensively on all its features and listed massively on the wishes of the Community. All our research was done in one afternoon by a quick google search, giving us enough technical understanding to bring our vision to reality! Just listen to the wonderful and made up testimonials by famous people.



DungeonFog Exchange


DungeonFog Exchange is the largest TTRPG crypto exchange by map volume and one of the fastest in the world. Expect inconceivable usability when we launch the Exchange later this year.


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