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DUNGEONFOG – Online map maker & authoring tool presents

Ginny Di's enacted videos on character backstories, uselful GM tips and things you should know about your fellow players (or your GM) have become a fixed part of our office game preps. I might even have a song or two from Ginny on my playlist. Long story short: We are fans! And we can only recommend her channel to everyone who loves roleplaying, cosplay and doesn't mind humming a catchy D&D tune all day in the office, that got stuck...again.

Somehow Dungeonfog manages to be both extremely usable and extremely customizable

A combination that many map-making platforms can't seem to achieve! It's flexible enough that you can put something together quickly with default settings, but whenever you want to go into more detail or do something very specific, the tools exist to do it.

- Ginny Di
Watch what she has to say about DungeonFog
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About DUNGEONFOG Battlemap Editor

With the DUNGEONFOG Battlemap Editor you can create your RPG tabletop maps with just a few clicks – No more patching up map tiles!

Create multi-level dungeons, terrains or entire worlds in an instant. Generate your GM-Notes automatically and export or print high-res images and notes, or send a Fog of War version for your players to your TV!

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Features Free Premium Commercial
Unlimited Maps Up to 3 Maps
Base Fantasy Props and Textures
All other assets are Watermarked
Play online in Campaign mode
Invite your players and let them play on your map
Access to all +4000 Props and Textures
Fantasy, Modern, Sci-fi, Victorian, Cyberpunk and many more
Monthly Asset Packs
New Props and Textures every month!
High-Res Image Export Low-res with watermarks
Privately share your maps
Cloud Storage
For custom assets
25 MB 1 GB 10 GB
Commercial use
Resell your creation or use them in commercial work.
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