Outpost 96AL Entrance
The robotic hive mind of the One Voice have taken control of Alaya\'s center of research and disabled its defenses. Aiming to steal and use the ancient technology found within the base, it is imperative the party get in and eradicate them. However, doing so will not be easy. With a near endless supply of replicant soldiers teleporting in from the One Voice ships, the only hope to gain entry into the base is to reestablish the exterior defenses to the Federation Satellite in orbit.
In each room, a console lies open for the players to interact with, each with its own issues that hinder the ability to re-link them to the satellite. Meanwhile, the One Voice are constantly sending more fire in an attempt to hinder the player\'s progress. Once all four links are made, the exterior defenses reactivate, locking the One Voice out of sending more troops to the immediate area, while the turrets make quick work of the rest that are there, however there\'s no telling what the party will find deeper within.
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