Run in my swamp
The players are suppose to run in the castle, find the way to the second floor and close the gate before the enemies can enter
use slow enemies
the room can have different lighting considering your players darkvision
Between the trees are enemies hidden, you can use to attack from afar
light can be adjusted by putting a torch in the dark places
the searoses are suppose to be collectable plants like herbs or poisons
The mechanics to close the gate are on the second floor over the gate
Running over a root will cause a dex. sav. throw, if failed you get prone and lose your movement for this turn
The gate and the skulls have a forcefield around them, players have to open the front gate with a strength check to get through to the gate
In the dark room is a bear trap, that players can activate by running over it
loot you can find is coins, a key for the backdoor, ink bottle, a sack of floor, anything you wanna put in the chest, a recipe for the drink dragon piss
people died because of a disease and got entangled by roots
turn a person into an enemy at will
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