Weaverfin Falls
Population: 255
Major Religion: Bahamut
Races: Human (240), Elven (2), Dwarf (10), Gnome (3)
Places of Interest
Kobold’s Tooth Bar and Inn The 9 Toe Blacksmith
O’Malley’s Leather Goods The Weaverfin Waterfalls
The First Loaf Bakery Weaverfin Fish Market

Weaverfin Falls is a small settlement in the central region of the Kato Province. While only maintaining a population of under 300, this town is frequented by travelers, traders and adventurers that are passing through to Windsword Castle. The town is self governed by an elected mayor and the local bartender Lars is a local celebrity. The town is protected by volunteer militia, under the command of Captian Raxus Orilous, A human retired Soldier from Windsword Castle. The town often has representatives of the Hunters Guild posting on the local bounty board, paying very well for the skins of slain monsters.

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