Kyn'dl Street
Kyn'dl Street wends through a densely packed cluster of shops in the Merchant District, a few scant blocks from where the district converges with the rest of the githyanki city. Arched stone bridges connect some of the buildings' upper levels, 20 feet above street level. They are carved with leering, gargoylish faces and allow dwellers on the upper floors to move more quickly between buildings.
The merchants who operate shops on this street work whenever hours please them. To determine wether a given shop is open or closed, roll 1d4; on a roll of 1, the shop is closed.
All the buildings on Kyn'dl street are of githyanki make, using primarily dark stone. The Merchant District is the only area on Tu'narath where non-githyanki are permitted to visit or reside and must pay rent to the githyanki property owners. Additionally, non-githyanki proprietors are required to keep detailed logs of their goods and who they are sold to; failing to do so is a crime punishable by death. Otherwise, the renters are given the freedom to do what they wish within the space.

*The design of Kyn'dl Street is a recreation from Dungeon Magazine Issue #100's Web Supplement. Some things have been altered to better fit a lower-level 5th edition adventure or because of the limitations of Dungeonfog's assets. Additional changes were made to diversify the NPCs and to match other maps in the folder.*

This map includes 2 levels (ground and 2nd) of a portion of Kyn'dl Street located in the githyanki capital of Tu'narath. The streets have several vendor stalls and tents while the buildings contain private apartments and a variety of shops available to players.
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