Santas Workshop
My Christmas One shot featuring 2 stories and a runway on the top Command Center with a half indoors and half outdoors element.
The lower level contains a large great hall with a stairway to the command center.
Storage is a great starting point for some characters and this room includes a lift to the second floor for a sleigh or heavy objects. An armoury down the hallway allows Players to stock up on whatever items the Party may need. The Armoury can be locked for a challenge or puzzle.
On the second floor is the Command Center. A lift is in the far left corner with a couple of workbenches for emergency repair before takeoff. The right side of the room is filled with computers. The center is clear for a takeoff to the runway. The runway is half inside and half outside to the elements. Pine tree tops add some extra terrain if a druid or wizard wants to cause some chaos.
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