Cliff road (over a river)
This was built to be the main road used by Blackfist soldiers coming and going from the fortress to gather suplies and deliver communications to the rest of their forces. It was originally part of the forest, but many trees have been cut down in order to make the path more suitable for the regular movement of troops. The path itself is not patrolled however, soldieres regularly walk by, so an encounter is unavoidable. Other reason for which they cut down trees, was because it made much easier spotting enemies approaching, as they ahce nowhere to hide.

The road goes over a river, with quite high cliffs all the way down to the water. The river is the main one in the area, and following it leads to a quiet and peaceful lake, which seems undisturbed by Blackfist forces. The cliffs stand at a height of around 80 feet, and the water runs rough. Falling down the cliffs into the water would hurt (although not as much as if it were solid ground), and the current would promptly sweep any creature, which in turn would be thrown against the rocks (some kind of athletics check would be needed). If a fallen creature doesn't die or manages to take hold of something, they would be carried by the current towards the lake.
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