Poupee (Caves)
All the 4 "Poupee"-named maps connect with each other. I got used to do them like this because otherwise DungeonFog gets too laggy for me when working on too big/complex maps, and because I just export them to play in Roll20 so I don't really need them to be connected in here.

3 of the 4 maps have exists to the "Mountain" and are just ways to enter the Ruins (through some caves, through a big hole in the ground, and throught a passage at an abandoned church). The "Hole" is of lower quality because I rushed to play it that same day and after my players already had visited it I didn't feel the need to improve it.

"Poupee" refers to the name of the villain. The "Hole" in the mountains is for her minions to throw in corpses in the "Meat Pile" bellow for her to use at a later time with her necromantic powers. The small passages between the caves and this "Meat Pile" were carved by Carrion Crawlers attracted by the rotting corpses.

Ofc you can change all of this, just giving you some idea of what the maps were originally made for. Enjoy!
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