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Razor's Edge
by Jonray12
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Rowboat at sea
by Jonray12
Stonehill Inn
by Jonray12
Wyvern Tor
by Jonray12
Tomb of the Dwarven King
by Jonray12
Inn of the Last Home - Exterior (night)
by Jonray12
Inn of the Last Home - Exterior (day)
by Jonray12
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Old (old old) school D&D Dungeon Master learning some new tricks!
I first played D&D when my dad gave me the first Basic D&D edition (with the blue and white lithograph cover) when I was 13. That's over 40 years ago now! All my table top experience is with D&D through the various editions. I used to run a weekly game with my friends for several years, but that was a couple decades ago now. Recently caught the "bug" again and looking forward to doing some online playing since none of my peers around here play.

Looking into the tools to create maps, I found several great tutorials on YouTube for Dungeon Fog and fell in love with this great tool!
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