Octagon of Doom - Remastered
Hello there!

This is a remastered version of a map I drew almost two years ago for the second ever BattleSauce Snack - what was then known as a short. Back then I wanted to hand-draw all of my maps - but even the simple ones, like the one this is based on, took way too long draw. I was so happy to find Dungeonfog. Anyway, long story short: I remastered this one for its Anniversary and still really enjoy the gameplay. Both versions of this Snack are available for free on our website - along with the beta rule book and monster horde.

The Octagon of Doom - Remastered and includes a custom weapon asset/prop!
Feel free to use the special weapon in any of your maps but please don't sell it individually or use it with commercial maps.

The Octagon of Doom - Original
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