April Contest part 1 - Tracking the Beast
A mutant dinosaur, covered in embers of molten lava has been terrorizing the nearby village, burning anyone and everything that gets in its way. It must be dealt with! Track the beast through the woods to find its evil lair - where it can be contained. Venture in if you dare and destroy the wretched creature once and for all!

In BattleSauce, these three maps would be called a Snack: BoardGame shorts (we spell it that way on purpose!) that don\'t require a SauceBoss (see what we did there?) or GM or DM. All you need is a deck of cards (or two) a twenty-sided die, and a six-sided die to play! Check out our FREE, rules-light CookBook (it\'s a whole thing with us) or rulebook on our Discord!

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