Shadowfell Mini-Dungeon
This map was used as a mini dungeon following the "5 room dungeon" methodology. This was a Shadowfell side of an existing temple used for weddings and funerals.
The purple energy gate in the south east room leads to the sub floor, and the sub floor purple energy gate leads to the bright south room on the main floor. If you follow similar traps and puzzles, be sure to describe everything (like murals and engravings) in a proper way.
In my dungeon, this is how I ran it:
1) The first room had an encounter with undead "echos" of the original temple. The "treasure room" was illusionary for the most part, but contained a musical instrument that was depicted as being played on murals. There's a horizontal shaft that is grated off, that leads to the final room. A character that gets there either through wild shape or teleportation is directed by an apparition in fancy attire to the west gate, which teleports them back to the start of the dungeon. This is just meant as a "sneak peak" of the bright final room (room 5). I didn't want to punish curiosity, so I didn't add any penalty or punishment to exploring here.

2) The Next room (north east) had a puzzle where swarms of rats would rise from the ground the moment someone stepped foot in the room. Each 5 ft. someone moved through the room (and the rats were difficult terrain) they would take piercing and necrotic damage. The trick was to play the instrument (simple performance check) while traversing the room. That would cause the rats to entirely envelop the performer, allowing others to pass freely while the performer took extra damage.

3) The south east room had another encounter with undead related to the temple. The gateway in the south leads to the sub level.

4) The sub level floor engravings depicted a wedding procession of a bride and groom moving in tandem to be wed. The trick was for two PCs to each jump onto the columns simultaneously (if you're playing a more difficult game, you can have the players roll initiative, and set a DC that they need to achieve to achieve simultaneous jumps). As soon as a player jumps onto a column, the southern statue on the opposite side of the room activates and fires an energy cone at the players on the opposite side of the room. The left statue fires necrotic and the right statue fires radiant. Con saves for half. Every round that passed, if no one advanced, the statues each fire again. Every column that is jumped increases the damage by a factor (double the damage dice of the first column, then triple, then quadruple when the players are off the columns). The southern ledge has two obvious pressure plates. The players who crossed need to step on the pressure plates simultaneously as well in order to open the south door to the purple energy gate.
If someone falls into the pit between the columns by failing athletics, or simply lowering themselves into it to see if there's a bottom, they're teleported back to the north ledge after being drained by necrotic energy.
NOTE: one of my players teleported to the opposite side of the room unexpectedly, so I activated the right statue at max power, and the left statue at min power. The player then teleported to the first column, which set the right statue at min power.

5) The final room! This was a combat encounter, but with two rooms in one. The dungeon was very "light and dark" themed with the wedding, so round 1, the players fought radiant enemies (take whatever creatures or npcs you want, but make them bright to point of being unable to make out their details). On itiative count 20, after the first round, the room switches to darkness (save or take necrotic damage), the bright enemies disappear and shadowy creatures appear. Vision is obscured to a max of 10 ft., so not every player could see what the others were fighting. On the next initiative count 20, switch back to the bright room (save or be blinded for 1 round) and continue the fight with the bright enemies. Every initiative count 20, alternate the two rooms, either saving vs necrotic damage or being blinded. When one of the creatures on one side is killed, the opposite side gains power (killing a bright enemy increases necrotic save DC and damage, and enemies gain +1 attack, save DCs and saving throws). If enemies are killed evenly, light and dark stay at even power. When light and dark are clear of enemies, the room returns to normal and the players can leave! Through a treasure room if you're feeling generous ;)
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