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Trisra Dinning Hall
by DracoMagnus
Trisras wet Cave
by DracoMagnus
Trisra Temple
by DracoMagnus
Trisra Temple Home
by DracoMagnus
Palace Dungeon
by DracoMagnus
by DracoMagnus
You can call me Draco. A all time DM who use Dnd, DSA and HTBAH.
There is not much to tell here. I started TTRPG wit friends as I found the First edition of DSA by my Father. Since then I enjoy the Worlds and started to build up my own Worlds. Since a few Years now I guide a Group through several Adventures and we Work on a own World based on Dnd. I use Dungeonfog since I met them on the RPC in Cologne a few Years ago. Since then I am hooked and enjoy making maps for my Players
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