Worldwound Army Camp
An army camp map I made for my Wrath of the Righteous campaign.

One of my players is a military history buff, so I talked with them about the logistics of this camp, so the logistics are pretty realistic. Here's some notes about that in case it helps anyone:
- This camp is intended for about 100 soldiers (heavily armored paladins in my game), each with a riding horse, a backup riding horse, and a pack animal. Each wagon would have 4 oxen assigned to it, with 2 pulling at any given time. All these animals would be tied to stakes outside the camp when it's time to rest.
- The wagons are armored because this company is traveling in a demon-infested wasteland, so attacks while on the road are a given. The wagons are arranged to provide strategic points of cover during an ambush on the camp.
- The camp is arranged in a semicircle shape with a cliff to the back so that there are less angles that need to be defended. In my game, they're traveling along a river canyon, which is convenient because I can assume that they'll always be able to camp next to a cliff, and I can reuse the map!
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