Arena - Castle Siege
Arena Battle, can be used either direction (**If you clone give it a like**)
Played on D&D PBP server

Terrain: Stairs 1/2 Movement; water 1/2 movement + weight penalties; Ladder 1/2 Movement -2 AC
Jumping: Athletics+Strength Check
Falling 2d6 bludgeoning damage exit on DC10 strength from square you entered, Jumping DC10 str check
Cover: 1/2 Cover = +2 AC & Dex ST, Cover 3/4 Cover = +5 AC & ST; Cover Total can't be targeted
Broken Pallisade =1/2, Full Pallisade = Full Trench = 1/2; Crenellation = 1/2
Ballista: 1 Action to Load, 1 Action to fire (no modifiers, can tandem)
Hot Oil: 1 Action to Tip, 3d6 fire
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