Vergetelheid Encroaching (Shadow Realms Contest Entry)
Sound is a sign of life, of movement, of change. To be consumed by Vergetelheid is the opposite. It is an ancient force that slowly grows to cover the planet, devouring all biological material as it spreads. Within its creeping borders, Vergetelheid is still. Nothing ever changes. Vergetelheid has another unique property. The Wortel trees that cover its surface cause an area of absolute silence. No sound can be produced, or hear upon Vergetelheid. It is the opposite of life. Vergetelheid is oblivion.
- Voorspeler, Prophet of Old.

I got inspiration for this map from several sources. The first that I would like to mention is the Zerg from Star Craft. They spread their Creep through building Creep Colonies. The second is the Blight from the Wheel of Time book series. The Blight is slowly choking the land, and is the home of Shadow Spawn. I would also like to mention the Croach from the Codex Alera book series. It is a substance guarded and helped by magical creatures that wish to be the only living things on the planet.
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