Dreamscape (Run Through The Jungle)
The dreams continue and the fight evolves. On the ancient ruins that spin in space a new platform. A deep bamboo forest, the gate guarded by a kobold shaman, who cries, "You will learn to FEAR the might of the littlekin!" and dives into the deep forest.

Suggested gameplay:
Fog of war in the jungle: perception checks at the begin and end of each player's turn, every 5 on the DC they can see another 5 feet.

Traps on almost every square.
1) Log traps will push the player into other trap squares.
2) Punji stick pit traps, dc 13 dex save or take 2d6 dmg. on a dc 13 con save, you take another 2d6 poison and are poisoned for the next hour.
3) Mushrooms explode on touch and do poison in a radius.
4) large pit traps don't collapse until two players are standing on them, or when manually triggered by kobolds.
5) tunnels openings for kobolds to pop out of on their turn and shoot blowdarts at players. (scale for their level).
6) around the entire edge are plants that react to the players standing on them, dc 13 dex or 2d6 dmg and the player is thrown into the void. Players thrown off the platform immediately lose gravity and drift away from the platform at 10ft per round. (Up to you how to resolve).
7) party will tend to line up, abuse this with spray or line traps that hit everything behind the lead (but leave the lead alone... this creates the best kind of damage... emotional).
8) when the party makes the mid way point. The kobolds reset all traps in the beginning.

Kobolds are immune to the traps as they only travel through tunnels in the earth.

Shaman stands on the bridge, casts call lightning from the bridge, and calls down "artillery" blasts, based on tunnel kobolds seeing the party stick together.

Suggested Music: Credence Clearwater Revival's "Run Through The Jungle" if you use music.
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