The Crooked Star
An old ship, frozen into the icy shores of Icewind Dale, now repurposed into the best Tavern / Casino / Brothel on the Sword Coast. It has a seemingly endless supply of booze, which no ones ever questioned. But below deck reveals a secret portal to the Feywild where cheeky Satyrs fetch enchanted water from a well, which is then watered down with sea water. Everyone comes far and wide for this magical ale and no one bats an eyelid when someone drinks too much and keels over dead.

This map has 4 levels:
* The Top Deck where the VIPs come to gamble.
* The Main Deck where the bar and main tables sit. The fore and aft of the ship below the top deck have been converted into many bedrooms available for rent by the hour.
* The Hold, where much of the mundane cargo is stored and used to hide the real entrance to the lower deck
* The Lower Deck where the booze is made and the portal to the Feywild hides.
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