Map Battle 2
1. The volcanic island itself, whose great power is, slowly breaking through the orcish ruins of the forge and powers the forge itself.
2. The ruins of the orcish forge, the previous inhabitants of the islands. The aquatic creatures have modified the ruins to suit their needs.
3. The tunnel from below allowing the aquatics to swim to the surface and use the forge within the water.
4. The sealed chamber housing the terrible altar used to sacrifice, the fountain of blood and the effigy of a chaotic evil god, thirsty for souls. The aquatics were uninterested in the Orcish god. Mad with their evil plans, the aquatics chose to seal an adventurer away in the room used to enchant weapons and worship the evil god of the orks
5. Below the forge, the entrances modfied by the aquatics, which contains the puzzle to enter the forge and the constant battle from the monster and manta rays.
6. The flooded tunnel that leads to the great and powerful, mysterious, spherical artifact, which is used to destroy intruders who make the incorrect choice in the puzzle prior.
7. The ladder upward, now destroyed by the aquatics, which leads to the surface of the island, and can only be accessed now by swimming.
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