Glouster's Cove
Welcome to Glouster’s Cove!!
A bustling old port town, nestled at the eastern base of the Grand Spike, where the Iron Thorne Mountains burst violently skyward as the mysteriously deep warm waters of the ancient cove meet the icy tides of the Eastern Sea. The Cove itself is said to have no bottom, mostly because nothing that made it down that far has ever came back up to tell about it. The sands along its shallow beaches are bright white falling rapidly into deep dark bottomless blue, the waters of the cove are always uncommonly warm and spill into the frigid Eastern Sea at great depths making the miles around it prime hunting grounds for sea creatures of all sizes. The vast difference in temperatures cause very consistent cycles of early morning and late evening fogs as well as swift and violent seas with unpredictable storms.

The western and northern edges of the town are backdropped by a sheer cliff face that wraps around the back side of the town from the ocean to the wetlands in the north east as the Grand spike rises into the sky immediately behind the town. From the waters you can distinctly tell that the town rises from the waters edge in three tiers, a bottom tier that looks like a semi-industrial waterfront, and recreational beach front, a second tier that looks like residential housing, and an ornate temple district. The third and smallest tier holds a large castle and several other large very prestigious looking buildings high above the rest of the town. A large guard outpost can be seen near the cliffs on the second tier, and several large guard towers can be seen scattered throughout the first and second tiers.
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