Welcome To Phandalin!
Yes, this is it! The town map you've been waiting for. Phandalin has been showcased in so many awesome beginner and high-level adventures, including the newest Shattered Obelisk. Thank you again to Dungeonfog for the amazing editor, FORGOTTEN ADVENTURES, and of course CAEORA for all of the work they put in to make these maps so easy to customize. Feel free to edit this map to fit your campaigns. Thanks for all the likes, clones, shares, all that, I'm happy to see people building such an awesome TTG community.

Phandalin as it is in the book! To scale, see for yourself! run those tokens wild into any building ya want to on downtime, Stonehill Inn is always open, see the new "Lionshield Coster" Blacksmith shop!

Adventure on Wayne!
The Tavern Games
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