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Mining Facility - Laboratory
by tor#4079
Underground Crossroad
by tor#4079
Mining Facility - Mining Area
by tor#4079
Jungle Farm
by tor#4079
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Back Streets
by tor#4079
Mining Facility - Meeting Room
by tor#4079
Underground Mining Area
by tor#4079
Mining Facility - Controls Room
by tor#4079
Mining Facility - Indoor Encounter Corridor
by tor#4079
Mining Facility - Laboratory
by tor#4079
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Entrance to the Pirate Cave
by Ava
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I am a hobby DM and map maker with experience in a variety of roleplaying games.
Located in northern germany I started roleplaying during high school. At that time, I started as a player in the shadowrun system and fell in love with roleplaying. I prefer science fiction or science fantasy settings but have played the obligatory Pathfinder and D&D sessions.

Since the pandemic hit, my group switched to VTT via Roll20 and I became the groups main DM. My latest campaign is set in the Starfinder universe and most of the maps found here belong to that campaign.
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