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The battle is fought. The contestants have shown what they can do - now it is up to you to decide: Who is Champion of the Map Battle Madness, and who has accept defeat? Follow the link and decide on their fate! 


The random Theme:


The map should be


Location an Island
Function with a Facility
Alignment from Chaotic Evil
Species Aquatic Creatures

Which inlcudes...


#1 ... a puzzle
#2 ... a different civilization
#3 ... a place of great power
#4 ... constant battle
#5 ... a place of worship


The Map Battle Madness Maps see all
The unassuming Resort - Map Battle madness 2023
by Inkubus
Map Battle 2
by LordGodd

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Meet the fighters

LordGodd | Acting Champion
In an age past, I once called Inkubus my partner in design. Trapped in the sewers we fought together as one. But now, I have been betrayed. I now face my former ally in creation. As the curtain of fog raises, it reveals that only one can be master. The trail of victories behind me is storied, former combatants lay defeated. Once again, I will reign as Fog Master!
Inkubus | Challenger
Once a sight to behold, the art of Godd led me down the path of study. Now comes the day, where new shall replace the old. Tell me, what is a Godd to a Devil?

Watch the Fight


About the event


Map battle madness logo


The Battle - November 11th 7pm UTC

The battle itself will be an interactive show, where LordGodd & Inkubus will have 3 hours to create a map based on the theme that you will pick live at the beginning of the show.

In addition to your initial theme vote, every 30 minutes you can add challenges to the battle by picking additional sub-topics that both contestants will have to incorporate in their maps. At the end of the night, it’s last click and submit. The maps will be collected by our two amazing moderators Till Lammer and Guy Sclanders and sealed in mighty warchest until the voting will start on the following Tuesday.

The Crowning - November 28th 7pm UTC

This is the moment where LordGodd or Inkubus learn their fate. The voting results are revealed for the first time in all their glory, or disaster state, to you. 

To vote for the winner of the battle, the voting tool will be opened on Tuesday, November 14th until the very last second of the crowning ceremony in our monthly Mapping it Out stream. Join us in the live show and witness the tears of victory and failure when the Master of Maps will be crowned!

Both events will be moderated by our two amazing moderators Till Lammer and Guy Sclanders, who will make sure that all fights stay clean!