Adventure April - Review

Together with WorldAnvil we challenged you to write a One-Shot RPG adventure!

Our Adventure April Contest is over and everyone who participated and tagged their public maps with #AdventureApril has already been given a badge to celebrate their achievement!


Adventure April 23 Badge

Published on 2023-05-12 10:15

Adventure April is over, May(hem) is here!

Each of the maps we've seen are great examples of how you can turn a one shot adventure into great maps, create atmosphere and already tell a story through the map itself! We hope that our tips and suggestions have sparked the fires of creativity in you and you were able to take something from this little exercise. Every time you create a new map, you should remember what you've learned here and your scenes will easily be elevated to the next level!

Keep your eyes open for more news on more ways to improve your battle maps! We just introduced our new backgrounds feature and publish new asset packs regularly. Looking for more tips on how to make the best maps? Head over to our Discord server and connect with our community of creatives!

Happy Mapmaking!

Tomb Raiders (Adventure April One-Shot)
by beetle
April Contest part 3 - Lair of the Lavasaur
by BattleSauce
April Contest part 2 - Getting Warmer
by BattleSauce
April Contest part 1 - Tracking the Beast
by BattleSauce
Desert Mausoleum
by Inkubus
Lost but not Forgotten
by LokiTampetore
The Halfling's House
by DrCuttler
Halfling Wedding
by DrCuttler

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