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Published on 2022-11-30 20:48

A player like you and me

In this month's entry of our Community Spotlight we are highlighting LzyKropotkin - a player who's been playing tabletop RPGs from a very young age and has made it his lifelong hobby. A passion to share worlds, maps, ideas is all he needs and that is exactly why we're all here. Share our wonderful hobby and our maps.

While LzyKropotkin has been playing TTRPGs since he was 12, he's relatively new to DungeonFog. Like so many others, the pandemic had given him time, opportunity, and likely a reason to create maps for online settings. And what started as a quick detour that surely wouldn't last long, has now become somewhat of an obsession of his. Within a few years he has made dozens of maps, one more beautiful and amazing than the last.



His biggest fascination is creating the idea of a 3D world on the flatscreen. Using depth and height to give his players a sense of verticality on their map and even more space to play. And which genres would fit this lofty goal better than sci-fi, steampunk, and, of course, high fantasy? But LzyKropotkin doesn't just rule from his Ivory Tower but creates maps that are instead down to earth and can be easily applied to many different campaigns and settings. His favorite map, for example, is of a spider's den in the wilderness. Trees, spiderwebs and some small ridges dominate the map and make it an ideal place for an encounter. Many places to look for cover and hide but also many opportunities for hidden enemies, secrets, traps, and the like.


Visit LzyKropotkin Hub page


Now, with all this talk of depth and elevation, is it surprising that LzyKropotkin loves making multi-leveled dungeons? Climbing up or down these layered settings surely raises the tension in his player on every step of the way and gives him plenty of opportunities to incorporate all manner of assets, ideas, and traps into his designs. And what player doesn't love to explore the darkest pits of a cave, go ever deeper into danger to make sure they have explored - and looted - every last corner of the dungeon?

LzyKropotkin at the very least loves planning these expansive dungeons, to create multi-leveled mazes and labyrinths for his players to get lost in. It's his own adventure before the adventure where he gets to charter out an entirely new space that he just created. The only thing that could stop his journey is something we all fear, loathe. Writer's block. Nothing is worse than wanting to create or being on the fast approaching deadline that is the next session and then coming up with nothing. Creative blocks of any kind are the bane of any storyteller and apply to mapmakers as well. 

LzyKropotkin's closing words are of encouragement, though, in spite of these roadblocks: Let your imagination run and you can’t miss.

We absolutely agree and hope that none of you suffer from any blocks in your creative process. Instead, we hope this little spotlight has given you +1 Inspiration and as always, we wish you


Happy Mapmaking!



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