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The Marshlands - Ancient Ruins of Alethea
by LzyKropotkin
River in Gorge
by LzyKropotkin
The Amethyst Dragon's Eerie Level 2
by LzyKropotkin
The Frozen One
by LzyKropotkin
Mountain Lowlands - Winter
by LzyKropotkin
Nightmare Realms Level 4
by LzyKropotkin
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The Gnomish Empire - Diplomat's Way - The Forester's Refuge Inn and Roadhouse
by LzyKropotkin
Heth - The Deep Roads - Crossroads battle Map 4
by LzyKropotkin
Bog Ruins Level 2- The Sunken Tower
by LzyKropotkin
The Tomb of Ogden the Mad
by LzyKropotkin
The Frozen Waterfall Level 6
by LzyKropotkin
The Frozen Waterfall Level 5
by LzyKropotkin
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The Everflame Forge - Two Level Map!
by arm#5389
Fallen Angels Lair
by vmo#4930
Bunker Assault
by nbr#3003
Velquantis wilderness
by Squatcher
Desert Battlemap
by Inkubus
Forest Battlemap
by Inkubus
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These are the unrequited imaginings of a player turned forever DM.
I've been playing TTRPGs since I was 12. I love the collective story-telling, and the memorable moments a group has at the table side. Though I have a love of high-fantasy, I also enjoy sci-fi and modern settings. The maps I share here are just the tip of the iceberg.
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