Meet the winners and their maps

Master of the Shadow Realms Map Contest

First of all thank your for all your creative submissions! We have received 14 different battle maps ranging from dark horror to modern fantasy and it was a pleasure to review all.

The sheer amount of high quality maps and brilliant ideas made judging super difficult. We noticed that this time many explored the unkown regions of the Battlemap Editor and tried out new approaches like perspective and depth. We couldn't even believe some of these things are possible with our software and truely shows us how creative you all become with our favorite hobby in ttrpgs.

But lets not waist any more time and see the winners!


Meet the Winners

We have interviewed the winners to give insight in their creation process and let us understand how they came up with their ideas.




What inspired you for this map?
I really enjoy creating horror and mystery in my TTRPGs, so this competition was right up my street. For this map I wanted to create something unexpected, a garden whose beauty contain dangers, death and a dark secret.
What did you learn while creating the map?
This map really challenged me with layering and adding intricate little details. My hope is that players and GMs find something new each time they look at the map.
What tips can you give to create creepy mood in maps or stories?
The subtle details, its all in the little things. An abandoned house becomes creepy when there are signs its not abandoned like footprints or a garden that becomes menacing when you spot the skull among the foliage. Horror is always best when the map triggers players imaginations - they will always create their own horror around the little details you give them.


What inspired you for this map?

I was leaving on vacation the day after I saw the contest announcement and new assets, so I knew I had to create something relatively quick: A boss fight! Inspired by the Stranger Things theme of the contest, I arranged this map as the final approach to fight Vecna. To further tie it to the show and make the villain of the map more menacing, I designed the map as a poster to showcase the boss monster in a way most battle maps don’t utilize. I also felt the disjointed way the map shifts from overhead to abstract boss room was a fun nod to the way the characters in the show had to climb through the ceiling and fall to the floor - making for some other worldly physics.

What did you learn while creating the map?

I learned there are countless ways to use all of the tools available in the map editor - combining assets, resizing assets, color grading, painting with a variety of colors, using assets in unintended ways and so on - to create wild and fresh takes on designing battle maps. I can’t wait to make more!

What tips can you give to create creepy mood in maps or stories?

To me, creepiness is about two things: subtlety and lighting: finding little scenes - within the larger map - which suggest ‘something’ out of the usual has happened here through an assortment of props. And of course, Dungeonfog’s Battlemap Editor has sooooo many wonderful ways to utilize lighting and coloring for creating a variety of mood and tension.





What inspired you for this map?

The map is vaguely inspired by The Langoliers, depicting a plane in the process of getting consumed into nothingness.

What did you learn while creating the map?

I’m still learning the path tool. It seems very useful though!

What tips can you give to create creepy mood in maps or stories?

The smoke stamp (/Flavour/Fire/Smoke) gives maps a nice eerie fog when scaled up and set to be mostly transparent. Foggy conditions are also a great tool for conveying depth, for instance by obscuring terrain further into the background.


All submissions

Here is a gallery with all other contest sumbission! You may find them on the community hub but it is up to the creators to release their maps!

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