Party down through the ground
A small module made for the other-worldly mapping contest. This adventure has a setup and some descriptions, but not specific enemy monsters.

Two princes, Deidrick (the elder) and Koen (the younger), have attended a party hosted but a popular but incompetent local ‘wizard’, Cole, who is well known to entertain guests with reckless displays of attempted sorcery. In preparation for tonight’s festivities Cole has purchased a scroll of conjure woodlands beings, intending to summon a group of pixies to polymorph guests and generally liven up the party. Koen, aiming to remove his elder brother from the line of succession, has switched out Cole’s scroll and ingredients with cursed items that will pervert the spell and send the other partiers into a dark, fragmented demiplanar void. The party will have to travel into the demiplane and rescue Deidrick and return them to the material plane.
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