Surprise asset pack and an other-worldy contest

Master of the Shadow Realms Map Contest

You've finished the second part of Stranger Things Season 4 but can't get enough of it? Neither can we! And that's why we not only brought you our latest Asset Pack Torture Chamber, but also bring you a very special new competition and a surprise Asset Pack: Shadow Realms!

Do you dare to not only enter the Otherworld but master it? Not just explore, but map out a realm so strange and full of horrors that everything feels strangely turned upside down?
If so, then this contest will be perfect for you!

Grab our surprise Asset Pack Shadow Realms and build your best, most horrifying, and craziest imagination of the Shadow Realm! Create a map with any setting you want that channels the theme of the "Shadow Realm" the best. Be it a creepy lair of this season's Big Bad. A torture room that could've come straight out of an "Upsidedown World" or create the Underworld of your dreams that may end up being the perfect nightmare for your players!

During the entire month of July while the contest is running, the new Asset Pack will be free for everyone.



All participants will receive an Explorer of the Shadow Realms badge for their profiles.
Our team will vote for the best three maps, which will win the following:

  • The Vecna Dice Set on
  • 3 Months Premium OnDemand for the Battle Map Editor
  • Animated Master of the Shadow Realms Badge foryour profile


Master of the Shadow realms Badge
Explorer of the Shadow realms Badge


Surprise asset pack: The Shadow Realms


Altough we just released this months asset pack Torture Chambers we got so inspired by Stranger Things that we decided to do a themed asset pack we call Shadow Realms. This Asset Pack is free for anyone during the period of this contest and will become a Premium Asset Pack after that.

You can use it for this contest but don't have to. Our team already got creative and made some nasty maps for their own shadow realms.

As always, you can find this pack in the asset picker under the name Shadow Realms.


Contest and rules


There are only a couple of rules for the Map Contest:

  • You're free to use any Asset Packs from our Free tier or Premium Subscription.
  • Custom Assets and Marketplace Assets are not allowed for this competition!
  • Submit it through the form below.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • It is allowed to share the map publicly on our hub, discord and other social media

You have time until July 20th, 10pm UTC to submit your map.



Contest has ended

Submissions closed - thanks for participating!

All participants receive this unique Explorer of the Shadow Realms Badge.



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