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Join the Test-Squad and more DGNFOG news

We did it! The new DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager and GM Viewer are waiting for motivated testpilots on our testserver. We are so excited to see how you’ll use the new features and storytelling possibilities!

We need you - to join the Test-Squad at Beta-Place!

You can’t wait to see what the new GM Viewer can do?
Become a DGNFOG-Testpilot and join the Beta-Place!

All good things need some testing - and we need your help to offer the best experience and functionalities possible. Although we are quite proud of what the Campaign Manager and GM Viewer promise, it is your opinion that counts. So please share it with us!

How to enter the Beta-Place

As owner of a premium account, you are automatically accredited as testpilot - congratulations, you can be among the first RPG fans to get their hands on the new features.

All you have to do is to log in on the testserver with your regular credentials and join the exclusive Discord channel for testpilots.


We have activated test access for all premium accounts as of today 12:00 GMT+1.

If you have claimed your premium account past this date, you can request access to the testarea by clicking “Manage Account” on your DUNGEONFOG profile, press “Change Profile Data” and then select “Request access to the test area.” Within 24 hours, you will be able to call yourself DGNFOG-Testpilot and you can immediately join our Discord channel for testers.

Try out the new features at

Do you have an RPG game scheduled and want to try out the new GM Viewer? Do you have a great campaign laid out and want to organize it in the new DUNGEONFOG Campaign Manager? Be one of the first to use all the new tools, take your party on a journey with the new fog of war features and try out live-editing possibilities. You can read more about all the new possibilities in this update or watch Till introducing the new features in a short video here:

But don't forget to give us feedback - it's BETA for a reason!

Monthly prop pack: Assorted Vehicles

We have even more news for you, because: It’s that happy prop pack time of the month again!

This time, we proudly present…

...distant motor humming… shoes clacking…
...thrusters warming up…


Check out the brand new props including varied cars, emergency vehicles, aircrafts, and more in your asset library. Enjoy new ways to add detail to your RPG maps and confront your party with new features to investigate!

Upgrade your Account

And even more news: From now on, you can upgrade your subscription at any time and choose the best subscription model yourself at “Manage Account” on your DUNGEONFOG profile. This new possibility enables you to get the best deal for you and save money.

Special offer for our monthly subscribers

Switch to an annual subscription now
and save an additional 10 %!

You will also receive our Cthulhu & The Waves: Thank you
propset for annual subscribers

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