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Export Module

Using the Export Module, you can turn maps made in Dungeon Fog into downloadable and printable files!

Tutorial Video

Options Overview

  1. Export Panel - At the top, you are able to name the file, and choose its file type. Support file types are PNG, JPEG, WebP, PDF, Multi-page PDF, and UVTT. Below are links to the reference articles for known applications that support UVTT files:
  2. Levels - You are able to select what level is exported. The name of the file changes to a selected level, but can be renamed afterwards.
  3. Export Size - You are able to change the overall dimensions of the exported file.
    • Scale - Adjust the overall size of the file based on a percentage value.
    • Grid Size - Can adjust the size of each grid square by a numerical amount and a measurement (inch, mm, or cm). In the above map, for example, it would be 8 inches by 9 inches.
  4. Tiling - If your map is too large for easy printing, you can divide it into multiple images. You can change how many images to divide it into by changing the number of horizontal and vertical tile amounts.
  5. View Options - You can adjust key visual information's presence on the exported map. 
    • Show GM Information - If there is any GM only information present on a map, you can change whether or not it is shown.
    • Show Tokens - Any Tokens, whether they're monster, NPC, or player can be shown or hidden.
  6. Grid Options - Can toggle whether or not the grid is shown on the map.

Last Reviewed - v5.11.5