Championship Battle Map Center
This was the center region of my championship arena. The center building was large and could be seen from all 4 regions surrounding it. You can see the forest, lava, frozen, and water regions around the building. each side of the building had a door that accessed the hallway that went around the center room. Players could only access the center room if they had discovered one of the regions clues (I used the forest and water region clues were needed to get in). Once inside there was a statue of a dragon and piles of gold (not real). Also an alter with a map of the 4 regions along with markers shaped and colored differently. Players had to place the correct markers for each region (basically replicating either the clue or decision made for each region). Once they did that, the final creature would appear and attack them. Depending which rock they chose in the frozen region determined if it was a Young Dragon or multiple Wyrmlings. And depending on which color gemstone they chose in the lava region determined what color dragon/wyrmling appeared.
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