The Cursed Forge
The idea for this is to be a large map for the characters to explore.

This should be more akin to a Zelda dungeon (old style). There should be 3 sections of the dungeon, each one locked by a key. Characters can start on either section 1 or 2, but they need to find their way to section 3, eventually, find the boss key and complete.

The original idea is that the characters have 3 ways to enter the forge.

- The main gate: the main gate is protected by both an arcane lock and should require a huge strength check to move the massive stone doors (2 large golems stationed in the entrance, now broken, would give the characters the idea that the main gate is nearly impassable.

- the employee gate: the dwarves that ruled the forge were paranoid about people stealing their treasure, so they made the side gate a magical gate that would not allow people to enter with metal and jewels. The characters could try the side gate, but they would have to sacrifice much of their equipment to enter this way (and hopefully rush for the weapon deposit, because the forge is full of monsters).

- the secret entrance: deep underground, there is a secret entrance that also leads outside through the sewers, useful in case of escape. The characters would find about this by earlier events on the story if they help a certain NPC.
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