Tyer-Drektem is under siege. Cultists of the Black Earth are desperate to discover the secrets of the ancient dwarven outpost. Built close to an earth node the ancient dwarves utilised the elemental energy to carve out a huge city even though the bulk of it is closed off due to access points caving in.

But Tyer-Drektem has inhabitants. The loyal forces of the Vine Lord hold back the cultists to the best of their ability as the thought of the Orchard of Death being breached is too terrifying to consider but when more intruders enter the outpost, what will the Vine Lord do?

This is the third outpost I have made that is elemental flavoured for Princes of the Apocalypse. Here I sort of had the idea for genetically modified crops, plant monsters fighting off cultists while the PCs wander in and terrifying memory moss that will eat spell slots. I also liked the idea of my players finding a lost civilisation too so Tyer-Drektem will have plant people that were sort of grown as caretakers to work the farms.
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