Forest camp ambush
A battle map for an ambush on a camp foolishly placed. Perfect for a hobgoblin (or any goblinoid for that matter, provided someone is giving them orders) or drow ambush: plenty of places to hide and have cover, the thick foliage prevents anyone without darkvision to see clearly, and the elevated terrain is ideal for placing the ranged attackers; while the melee ones charge head on from the forest, their companions up high rain death on their foes.
It should be noted that a) a story explanation should be provided for an organized ambush of this type, b) the vines placed near the camp allow creatures to try and climb up the rock wall (DC at the DM criteria, but it should not be too hard unless you're looking for a TPK) and c) the ambush is optimal at midnight, but depending on how many of your PCs enjoy darkvision, it could quickly turn sideways... for them.
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