Collapsing Mines
The Mine has sink holes that empty into a hidden chamber. It's still functioning, but has a high accident rate due to poor management. third level is roughly above 100 ft above ground level and has an opening that gives a view of some of the lowest snowy peaks. A good map for a mixture of Combat encounters, and Skill Challenges. A single chamber has uncovered a vein of Diamonds. Proper tools must be used to mine it.

1st level pathways and offices are good for storage of information for your party to uncover, and even monetary gain for more chaotic characters. 2nd level walkway, to the office which overlooks the waterfall, is abandoned and dangerous as boards fall out from it. Creator used this map for a "Murder Mystery" style investigation.

1st level chamber with dirt patches can be used for "Brown Mold" mechanic from D&D.
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