Tower of Wishes
This is a good Map for a One shot game, or a single session at least. The concept is this is an Magical Artifact. A golden tower is kept by a Wish-master. The party uses it essentially for a "Worked for it" wish. You can put special loot in there, or even just a wish itself. It Begins on the lower level and after completed, the Wish-master is on the upper layer.

The Various Crystal Props on the field work effectively as a field effect; The creator had them charge up across two turns, then applied 1 of 3 separate effects within a 15 ft radius. This encompasses "Most" of the field, allow you to either group your players together, or control there movements on the field. Allowing it to be more widespread.

The Lower Layer is meant to be primarily a physical challenge against a large number of creatures dispersed in the entire area that are patrolling individual areas, awaiting the players. This can make for a good long combat session.

The three rooms on the lower layer can be three challenges or puzzles to solve during combat, before solving a riddle in the center; Creator made this riddle essentially identifying the "Wish-masters" which was hidden in previous narration during the game. you could make puzzles related to this or perhaps do something completely different. It's very versatile.

Then on the top layer is a cosmic scene for your "Wish-master"; the Creator used a sphinx for this encounter, accompanied by various jackals that could leap stone to stone.

Most of the debris is about 10 ft apart, so a standard mechanic jump in DND 5 e would work well for any character without a negative modifier for their strength.

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