Door Puzzle
Before you is a door is 5 gears. Each tooth of the gears locks in place where the adjoining boxes are located. Move the right tooth in place, and the box lights green. Move the wrong tooth into place, and you will be punished. Light all boxes green, and the door will open.

(Game Master Suggestions: Place a word, or sections of words on the teeth in each "room"/ Gear, and Rotate by highlighting the room and using your scroll wheel. The boxes don\'t actually light up unless you have the ability to put an effect in place I haven\'t been able to figure out. It\'s best not to give your players too much instruction since this is visual and more or less implies it\'s own resolution. In testing, without giving instruction, my players were able to figure out the puzzle, using trial and error, just before unleashing a "Champion" level trap encounter. Great opportunity for loot drops, High CR encounters, softening up the party before fighting a boss, and giving the players a break in a dragging dungeon crawl.)

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