Nymphs Maze
A 5 by 5 Forest Maze intended for players of lvl 3-5. Two support layers for help with Encounters (to easily maneuver player/monster tokens on the field), and a visual of the solutions for reference when planning play. Whichever direction the players walk in is the same direction they will come from in the next clearing (IE, party leaves room going east, enters next room from the west); however it's not the adjacent room. Details in room descriptions, and on solutions layer, on which exit goes to which room.

The Maze Starting Point is at grid A5, and each room is just large enough to accommodate a combat or RP encounter. You can easily hide each room in the "Layers" function to keep them concealed from your party until they have selected their path and moved forward. Attempting to leave the forest using flight, or without using one of the intended paths, will cause disorientation and re entrance into the same room. (GM Tip, you can consider it like vertigo where object permanence and gravity get turned around.)

Grid Key:
1 |__|__|__|__|__|
2 |__|__|__|__|__|
3 |__|__|__|__|__|
4 |__|__|__|__|__|
5 |__|__|__|__|__|

The first 4 paths are linear for a few rooms lulling your party into a false sense of security until they see anywhere between 3,, and 8 different directions that can be travelled. There are 3 different points of interest. A tight quarters town, a large hut, and a Nymph's Pool who is in control of the forest and Maze.

It is suggested to operate one path as a "Hard Mode" route in which there is a battle encounter in every second clearing, and the other clearings should have an environmental effect such as Charms or D&D's (5E) "Wrath of Nature" Spell in which branches, stones, and roots attempt to attack and grapple the party. Another path can also be a "Pacifist" route, but be careful as it will give the party the ability to bypass MOST encounters and can be boring to certain players.

A story point, or job objective, is suggested to be available in the town; A friendly, or mischievous, NPC should be made available at the hut; and the Nymph should be mercurial, but ultimately aggressive/protective as she guards a portal to the Fey Realm.
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