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Leonidasa58's Style Guide
by Leonidas58
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The Tomb of Amphipolis
by Leonidas58
Woodland Stream
by Leonidas58
Woodland Hill
by Leonidas58
Grassland Path
by Leonidas58
Villa Rustica
by Leonidas58
Tiny Greek Temple
by Leonidas58
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Map Nerd and RPG player & gamemaster since 1977
I started role playing in 1977 with Dungeons & Dragons and created many world settings over the years. My first 'world consisted of a 'Dungeon' and not much more.. No town or village, just hand drawn maps on poster board.. I soon graduated to maps on graph paper. My 'battlemaps' consisted of enlarged versions of my graph paper maps drawn on plastic sheets with grease pencils. I soon began creating my own worlds and then graduated to the venerable Judges Guild material for my world setting.. I soon discovered the Harn World material by Columbia Games and switched to their beautiful maps.
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