Underdark map 2
In the 2nd level of the Underdark, the party gets closer to the Drow cities they've been seeking. On the way, this map is used for a random encounter.

Adventurers climb out of the hatch in the top right and can explore the map at their leisure.
The pond to the right has an encounter (and treasure at the bottom of it).

The manor that is built into the cave belongs to a Drow scientist/cultist. His secret lab/torture room can be found through a hidden door behind a painting. The armored statues are constructs that can be activated to fight for him on command. The Drow is creating mutations such as Driders, Halsora and Grothluts through fleshwarping.
He has 1 or 2 housekeepers, though there are no rooms for them as the party will soon find out that they aren't 100% alive.
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